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Back To School Tips by NH - Defense Lawyers Shepherd and Osborne

Back To School Safety Tips for NH - From The Law Office of Shepherd and Osborne NH

New Hampshire schools open for the 2012-2013 school year the week of 8/27/12.  Here at the Law Office of Shepherd and Osborne in Nashua NH we wanted to share some tips and insight regarding back to school preparations. I have a child that is getting ready to go back to school and I thought it would be good to share what I have learned to prepare him for school.

As your child becomes a young adult it is important to encourage them to say "YES" to a healthy lifestyle and "NO" to underage drinking! Back-To-School is the perfect time to remind kids about the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. The Century Council and The General Services Administration's Federal Citizen Information Center offers some free publications.

School Bus Safety

School buses are a fun time for kids to mingle with friends on their way to and from school. There are approximately 24 million students in the United States riding buses to school.

Rule #1 is to be ready early to avoid stress from rushing around and forgetting things. Children should not be in the street when waiting for the bus. There should not be any playing in the street while waiting for the bus to arrive. Look at your surroundings for any other potential issues (where is the safest place to stand). If on the opposite side of the street you should WAIT until the bus driver gives you the thumbs up to cross as he or she can see farther down the road for motorists and that the bus is completely stopped.

Know what bus number your child is on and what route the bus takes every day. Let your child know to move to their seats quickly and orderly. Buckle up if applicable and face forward, keep voices down so you can hear and obey any commands the bus driver gives. Stay in your seats at all times while the bus is moving and always wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting out of your seat.

All passengers should also know where the emergency exits are. On most buses, there are 4 exits. The front (main entrance and exit) 2 side exits through the windows on either side of the bus and the windows are usually larger in size and lastly the rear door. When leaving the bus, children should wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before exiting.

Bike Riding and Walking To School

Walking to school is necessity for many kids. It is good form of exercise and allows them to get out and reflect on their day.  If your child is walking to and from school each day they should walk the same route and use the buddy system if possible. Its safer to have a friend or neighbor that you can walk with. Always take the safest route. Try to stay in the public eye and not through the woods or back country roads. It may be a little longer to get home but it will be much safer.  As a parent you should know what route they are taking and what time they should arrive home. Remind your child about how to properly cross the street.

Crossing The Street Rule: Remember to look right, then left and then right again.

Use crosswalks and listen to crossing guards. When riding a bike these rules also apply. When riding a bike remind children to stop at all intersections and look both ways using the crossing the street rule. Know the laws and what side of the street you should be riding on. Make sure their bikes are road worthy and the tires are inflated, brakes are in good working order, have a good place to safely attach and secure their books or backpack and that they have a good bike lock. Does your bike have a horn? A horn can save your life when trying to alert someone who cannot see you. Have bike  reflectors on your bike and always use good common sense. LAST BUT NOT LEAST THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE WEARING A BIKE HELMET WHEN RIDING.

Backpack Safety – Don’t Overload

Backpacks are very popular and convenient for kids to carry books in. Often times I see them way overloaded with heavy books, folders, lunch boxes etc…

This can cause unnecessary back strain and shoulder strain on a young person. After looking in my child’s backpack I noticed many of the books could have been left in his locker. The only books that should be coming home are the once needed for homework or reading.

If you perform a regular inventory of your child’s backpack you will most certainly find things that are not needed and can lighten the load. Make sure your backpack has shoulder straps that are good and wide and are cushioned. Many kids have to walk miles to school. I have seen rolling backpacks around that may be a good choice if your child is has a lot of needed books and has difficulty with a regular backpack.

For more info go to National Safety Council

Have a Safe and Fun School Year

By Shepherd and Osborne

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New Hampshire Defense Attorneys Going For Gold

New Hampshire Defense Lawyers Go For Gold

At The law Office of Shepherd and Osborne we want to take the time to congratulate all of the Olympians. Michael Phelps has changed the way we think about competition and preparation to be the best. Here at the law office of Shepherd and Osborne we are always going for Gold for our clients regarding Criminal Defense in NH. Whether you’re facing DWI, drug possession or jay walking charges. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of the accused.

With the 2012 Olympics upon us it reminds us that being the best is what we all strive to do every day in our lives. It takes years if hard work and preparation to be successful at achieving our goals. Take time to watch the US Olympians as they dominate the Gold this year! Let them inspire you to work hard, get up when you fall and never stop believing. This is our philosophy at Shepherd and Osborne.

 History of the Olympics

According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC. They were dedicated to the Olympian gods and were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 A.D. that all such "pagan cults" be banned.


Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympic Games, is in the western part of the Peloponnese which, according to Greek mythology, is the island of "Pelops", the founder of the Olympic Games. Imposing temples, votive buildings, elaborate shrines and ancient sporting facilities were combined in a site of unique natural and mystical beauty. Olympia functioned as a meeting place for worship and other religious and political practices as early as the 10th century B.C. The central part of Olympia was dominated by the majestic temple of Zeus, with the temple of Hera parallel to it.

The Games and Religion

The Olympic Games were closely linked to the religious festivals of the cult of Zeus, but were not an integral part of a rite. Indeed, they had a secular character and aimed to show the physical qualities and evolution of the performances accomplished by young people, as well as encouraging good relations between the cities of Greece. According to specialists, the Olympic Games owed their purity and importance to religion.

 Victory Ceremonies

The Olympic victor received his first awards immediately after the competition. Following the announcement of the winner's name by the herald, a Hellanodikis (Greek judge) would place a palm branch in his hands, while the spectators cheered and threw flowers to him. Red ribbons were tied on his head and hands as a mark of victory.

The official award ceremony would take place on the last day of the Games, at the elevated vestibule of the temple of Zeus. In a loud voice, the herald would announce the name of the Olympic winner, his father's name, and his homeland. Then, the Hellanodikis placed the sacred olive tree wreath, or kotinos, on the winner's head.

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NH Criminal Attorney Justin Shepherd

 NH Criminal Attorney Justin Shepherd  
                          “Top 40 under 40” Lawyer"                                    

Attorney Justin Shepherd has been selected by the National Trial Lawyers as a “Top 40 under 40” lawyer.  This award is based on Attorney Shepherd’s superior qualifications, trial results, and leadership as a young lawyer under the age of 40.

Attorney Justin Shepherd has been named by the National Trial Lawyers as a "Top 40 under 40" lawyer for his superior qualifications, trial results and leadership.


Justin graduated Cum Laude from Suffolk University in 1997 with a major in American History. Justin graduated with honors from Suffolk University and was a member of the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society for academic achievement. Justin graduated from Suffolk Law School in May of 2000 with honors. Justin has guest lectured at Curry College, Rivier College and teaches trial techniques for the International Association of Arson Investigators.


Justin Shepherd has been fighting for defendants, victims, and the wrongfully accused ever since his first day as a lawyer back in October of 2000. Justin began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney with the New Hampshire Public Defender's Office. During his four years as a public defender, Justin zealously fought for and compassionately stood by all of his clients in criminal courts throughout southern New Hampshire. Justin's steadfast dedication to serving the most underprivileged of our society taught him that there is always something more a lawyer can do to help his client. By working with investigators and other talented lawyers, Justin learned that there are always two sides to every story.

With a heart for public service, Justin decided that in order to grow as a lawyer, he became a prosecutor with the Rockingham County Attorney's Office. It was there that he met his friend and law partner, Mark Osborne. During this time Justin worked diligently to find fair and just resolutions to every felony, misdemeanor and DWI case for which he was responsible. Justin's legal talent and trial skills brought him to the attention of the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office, where he was offered a position prosecuting serious felonies such as rape, arson, child molestations, robberies and other violent crimes.

In July of 2007, Justin and Mark decided that the time had come for them to find new ways to help people. They also decided that the satisfaction in working for themselves on their own terms would make them better lawyers and more available to the community. On June 8, 2007 Justin and Mark opened the doors to the Law Office of Shepherd & Osborne, PLLC. Since that day, Justin and Mark have been working together, effectively fighting for their clients all over New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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